Art Museum

Art Museum is a place for new artists of all ages to showcase his/her work and learn new techniques with hands-on workshops. The logo is created with a combination of Bell and Berlin sans serif.

High Note is a music store that sells both antique and modern instruments.  The store frequently holds events to serve the community. The Jazz Fest music posters were created as an ad campaign for one of those events.


Tap is a beer inspired restaurant, the menu has a large variety of finger foods and full stocked beer section.

Note This creates stationary items. They offer a large selection of inspirational greeting cards. Their signature style are messages that make a perfect choice to send to anyone for all occasions.

Backp@k’s travel magazine and app is a perfect choice for anyone who is interested in traveling the world. The app is designed to help discover new places to visit with nearby hotels, attractions and special deals.

Volcano is an exhibit at the World of Wonder Museum. This mini brochure informs the readers about volcanoes and actions to take before, during, and after an eruption.

Knightly is a night light company. These night lights are made to protect, comfort, and light the night in any room. The billboard campaign shows the immediate impact of the product. 

Folio is a high-quality poster printing company. This season they are creating posters based on the quotes of famous highly regarded designers.